Vacuum forming

The design and material of the mould is adapted according to the number of parts to be manufactured. They can for example be milled in wood, ureol or aluminium.  The mould is then produced in our 5-axis milling machines and prepared for forming. Depending on the number of parts, the tools can be provied with or without cooling channels.

The part is then formed by shaping a pre heated plastic sheet over the mould. As the plastic solidifies once more, it takes the shape of the part.

Finally, the part is trimmed  to remove all waste material including contours and holes.

Because the part is formed with the help of just one mould half, which can be milled quickly, investment costs for the mould itself are very low.

Vacuum forming is one of the simplest methods for producing a part with the right materials. Thanks to our low tool costs, this method is also very cost effective. By combining different methods, we can provide comprehensive solutions for the entire system.