We understand manufacturing processes

For you, we are a reliable and experienced partner which is equally close to our large machine park as to traditional handcraft. We listen closely to your needs, and together we can find a solution which will satisfy them. At Prototal, we understands manufacturing processes and has solid industrial experience, meaning we can provide you with reliable advice throughout the entire process.


By CNC milling in wood, plastic, ureol, metal and clay, a model can quickly be produced. They can then be used as design models, functional models, as a mold for vacuum forming or as mold for production of prototypes in composite materials.

Vacuum forming

A heated sheet of plastic is by vacuum formed against a mould, leaving it with the exact shape of the part you require. Vacuum forming is one of the simplest methods for producing a part with the right materials. Thanks to low tool costs, this method is also very cost-effective. By combining different methods, we can provide comprehensive solutions for the entire system.


Lamination with glass fibre or carbon fibre makes it possible for us to quick deliver complex, hard wearing products.
In combination with our other methods, we can offer unique solutions.