Abandon your ideas about limitations when forming sheet metal. Using flexforming in a Quintus press is a natural choice for quick and and cost effective production of large double curved sheet metal parts, whether as prototypes or in serial production. Pressing parts with an undercut or sensitive surfaces are just some of the options we can offer. You can adjust the sheet thickness and material without needing to make any changes to the tool. When using a Quintus press, the sheet is forced over a tool half with the help of an oil-filled rubber membrane. This means lower initial costs and short lead times when compared to traditional sheet metal pressing. You can choose between different materials.

Hydraulic pressing

We can shape your sheet metal parts using a hydraulic press. The sheet is pressed between several tool halves to shape your product. You can choose between different materials. The advantage of this technique is that it can be used for parts with small radiuses and is perfectly suited for producing large runs of slightly smaller or medium-sized parts.

Flexforming - technical data

Steg 1: Plåten (röd) läggs ovanpå verktyget (grått)

Step 1: the sheet metal (red) is placed on top of the tool (grey).

Steg 2: Upp till fyra kubikmeter ricinolja pumpas in ovanför ett gummimembran (gult) för att nå det maximala trycket på 93 000 ton. Trycket är isostatiskt, det vill säga jämnt fördelat över plåtytan, och underskärning är möjlig. Hundra mil tråd/band hålle

Step 2: castor oil is pumped in above a rubber membrane (yellow) until the maximum pressure of 93 000 tonnes is reached. The pressure is isostatic (i.e. equal across the entire surface area), and undercutting is possible.

Step 3: the membrane is removed. In a short time the part has been produced.

Flexforming - machine capacity

1 x Quintus large
Tool size 1600 x 3000 x 280 mm

1 x Quintus medium
Tool size 1100 x 4000 x 225 mm

Hydraulic pressing - machine capacity

1 x hydraulic 500 tonnes
Tool size 2100 x 1300 x 1150 mm

1 x hydraulic 250 tonnes
Tool size 2000 x 1000 x 800 mm

1 x hydraulic 70 tonnes
Tool size 800 x 600 x 600 mm