Automotive and Commercial vehicles

Flexforming in Quintus press is a very appropriate technology for the manufacturing of double-curved prototypes and series parts in low to medium volumes. The main reason for this is that the press technique requires only one tool half, which means up to 70% savings in tool investment.

The larger the size of the part, the greater the gain of only having to invest in one tool half.

Prototal AB is unique with its two large Quintus presses. There are only a very small number of machines in the world for subcontracting.

Q1 = L3000 x W1600 x H300
Q2 = L4000 x W1100 x H240  

Of course, we are also able to press details conventionally in any of our hydraulic presses if this should prove more beneficial in the specific case.


Components for Automotive and Commercial Vehicles are good examples of projects that in a good way exploit Prototal AB's ability to flexform large metal parts.

  • Investing in only one tool half instead of two affects the overall economy to a very high degree. This is particularly important in cases where the number of parts is not so great.

  • Details of a length up to 4000mm can be pressed and the widest part we press is almost 1600mm.
  • One tool half also provides the advantage that one can work with the pressing of different sheet thicknesses in the same tool which is not possible in a conventional stamping tool.

Below are examples of details that we manufacture with flexforming in our Quintus press machines.

Automotive - door structure

Automotive - roof panel

Automotive - B pillar

Truck - step structure

Truck - roof panel

Truck - cover crew cab