Our history

At the end of the 1990s, Electrolux AB decided to outsource all of its non-“core business” companies (i.e. manufacturing branches) in order to streamline its company structure. This outsourcing took place gradually, with the sheet metal prototype manufacturing department, with a Quintus press, to go first. A majority stake of the department was actually bought by the employees themselves. One year later (in 1999), the plastic prototype manufacturing department would also go. This department boasted, among other things, Europe’s first-ever 3D printer. Once more, a majority stake in this company was purchased by employees.

The result was the two companies Huskvarna Prototyper AB and Prototal AB. The companies were run and developed completely separately until 2004 when they moved into the same building in the Ljungarum industrial area in Jönköping, Sweden. The ambition was to develop a common future strategy and vision.

In 2001, Prototal AB bought the company WIBA AB as a strategic acquisition in order to expand the company with additional technicians and a broader customer base.

In 2009, the two companies merged, bringing both the sheet metal and plastic companies under one name as Prototal AB.

Shortly after the merger, the opportunity arose to invest in two smaller companies in Stockholm, and in Levanger in Norway. Being able to offer quick turnaround times for prototype manufacture followed by services offered by the parent company in Jönköping was fully in line with the official market strategy.

In the spring of 2012, PDS i Vinninga AB was acquired from its founder Börje Thorstenson. This step increased our resources for injection moulded plastic component and high-quality PU prototypes which was necessary for us to be able to fulfil the needs of the market. Shortly after that, the subsidiary changed its name to Prototal PDS AB.

Throughout the rest of 2012, the company continued to go from strength to strength thanks to the huge increase in demand. As a result, spring 2013 saw the acquisition of the component manufacturer GePe Biwex in Götene by our subsidiary, which would see its machine park grow by 35 injection moulding machines. This company in Götene is a high-volume manufacturer which complements the company’s previous supply and can handle the increased serial volumes in plastic components required by our customers. The new acquisition means the possible injection-moulded parts runs increased from just a few hundred to several million.

The investments we have made have resulted in impressive growth (both due to simple growth and further acquisitions) and the possibility of ensuring opportunities for the Swedish development industry to have a reliable, strong partner in close proximity which has the capability of producing any prototype or serial delivery. Our vision, right from our very foundation, was to be Northern Europe’s centre of prototype and series production. Thanks to our skilled team, we believe this is truly possible.